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Inauguration of strategic plan and reluanching of official website

14 Dec 2016

The Auditor General's Office has today (14 December 2016) inaugurated their strategic plan for the period 2017-2019. This is the first time the organization has publicized their strategic plan. The inauguration ceremony was held at the conference hall of Islamic center from 9:20-10:20 am.
The purpose of inaugurating the strategic plan publically is part of AGO's endeavor to make their work more transparent to the public and stakeholders while also educating the public about auditing.
The theme of this plan is "Providing Value and Benefits of Public Sector Auditing to the Nation and Citizens". The theme is based on INTOSAI's ISSAI 12 "Value and Benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions - making a difference to the lives of citizens". The key strategic goals of the plan are;
Strengthen the Accountability, Transparency and integrity of public sector entities

Demonstrating ongoing relevance to citizens, Parliament and other stakeholders

Being a model organization through leading by example

Professional accountancy organization (PAO) development

 Speaking at the ceremony, HE Abdullah Jihad shed light on the key strategic goals of the plan and said that auditors are not there to point out faults rather, to report facts. He also advised financial executives of government and state offices to cooperate with Auditor General's Office in reporting.
Auditor General Mr. Hassan Ziyath speaking at the ceremony said that a Professional Accounting Body will come to existence in the year 2017.