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Auditor General Calls Government Institutions to be Pro-active in Disseminating Information

17 Oct 2018

Auditor General calls government institutions to be pro-active in disseminating information. Speaking in a function held to celebrate Right to Information Day 2018, Auditor General Hassan Ziyath stated that it is crucial to provide information to public and relevant authorities in order to maintain public trust and integrity of the institution.

Advocating on the importance of right to information, he expressed the challenges that AGO experiences in carrying the assignments to make public officials accountable. He stated that easy accessibility and availability of correct information must be encouraged by all institutions.

In addition to this, Auditor General encouraged to work closely with the legally appointed authorities and procedures to minimize and eliminate the negative effects caused on society due to incorrect information spread on social media platforms.

Auditor General concluded his speech by advising government institutions to be honest and active in promoting the right to information.