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Participants of SAI Young Leaders Program joins the SYL International Interaction

27 May 2019

Participants from AGO for IDI SAI Young Leaders Program 2019-2020, joined the SYL International Interaction held from 13-24 May 2019, in Cape Town, South Africa. For this year’s program, the participants from AGO are Mr. Abdulla Shahid, Director, Financial Institute and IS Audit and Ms. Rauhath Hussain, Manager, Performance Audit. They were joined with Mr. Ibrahim Naeem, Director, Public Sector Audit, as one of the coaches for the program attending the SYL Coaches International Interaction. Mr. Ahmed Salih, Director, Performance Audit, is the second coach for the program and has also acted as a coach of the previous SYL team.

The SYL Program is a twelve-month program where participants apply their learning to a SAI change strategy they develop during the program. The international interaction workshop provides the opportunity to gain knowledge on theory and best practices by leadership development practitioners, IDI, INTOSAI and regional resource persons and schedule the next steps in their project.