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Auditor General decides to conduct Performance Audit on the road safety of Addu City during official trip to Southern Region

01 May 2019

The Auditor General has decided to undertake a Performance Audit on the road safety of Addu City. The objective of the audit would be to analyse the root causes of the deaths and serious injuries caused by accidents especially on the Addu City link road. Auditor General Mr. Hassan Ziyath announced this decision during his official trip to Addu City from 28th to 30th of April 2019.

During the trip, meetings have been held with the Mayor and senior officials of Addu Police Station to gather information to plan the audit. The audit is expected to be completed within one month so that recommendations can be made to improve the safety of Addu City's link road and main roads for the safety of the citizens. Furthermore, Auditor General met with officials from Fenaka Corporation Limited S. Hithadhoo branch, and MIFCO (Addu Fisheries Complex).

In addition, Auditor General, joined by the Mayor of Addu City Mr. Abdullah Sodiq, attended the closing ceremony of training sessions conducted by AGO. The sessions on Family Leadership and Creative Thinking Skills trainings were delivered to participants from government entities in Addu City and were held at Secretariat of Addu City Council from 29th - 30th of April 2019.