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Auditor General's Office officially launched SOE Performance Portal and Maldives Accountants’ Directory

06 Feb 2019


Auditor General's Office (AGO) has officially launched the first of its kind, SOE Performance Portal and Maldives Accountants’ Directory. The launching ceremony took place today at a special event held at AGO. 

SOE Performance Portal introduced by the name, ‘Vunaviya’ Portal, was launched by the chief guest of the ceremony Minister of Finance, Honourable Ibrahim Ameer. Created under the 2nd strategic goal of AGO; to demonstrate ongoing relevance to citizens, parliament and other stakeholders, ‘Vunaviya’ Portal, provides information on the financial performance and the financial position of state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

The next highlight of the event, Maldives Accountants’ Directory was launched by the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Mr. Ahmed Nashid. The official directory of Accountants, Auditors and accounting students, was created under the name ‘Viyaveri’ Directory. The purpose of this directory is to provide the public with a searchable index of all practicing auditors and accountants in business.

Addressing at the gathering, chief guest of the ceremony stated that this initiation from AGO is an immense contribution to the Government’s open policy in communication with the public. Auditor General Mr. Hassan Ziyath, highlighted in his speech, ‘Vunaviya’ Portal and ‘Viyaveri’ Directory are important milestones achieved and invited accounting professionals to register in the portal. 

The aim of Vunaviya Portal and Viyaveri Directory is to create a one-stop access to financial information of SOEs and accounting professionals in the country.