Regulation on the

Audit and Accountability of

State-Owned Enterprises

Southern Regional Office

Annual Report 2020.

Educate yourselves about financial

performance of state-owned enterprises

(SOEs) and public limited companies in

which the government has a shareholding.

Audit and report to the President, the

Parliament and the Citizens on the proper

accounting and also on the economy, efficiency

and effective use of public resources to

enhance public accountability.

At the AGO we have put in a place an organisational

level as well as an engagement level Quality Control

System to ensure that the audit reports issued by

the Auditor General’s Office contain factual,

reliable and accurate information.

Auditor General’s Office:


Independent, Professional and Effective

Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) providing

value and benefits to the Nation and

Citizens through public sector auditing.

The Auditor General’s Office conducts

Five different types of Audits.

Message from the Auditor General of the Maldives

Mr. Hussain Niyazy


Independence, Objectivity and Impartiality


Professional Competence

The bulk of AGO’s work revolves around

auditing the Government. The Government

comprises the President’s Office and government

ministries, including the departments and

agencies under them and statutory bodies

created pursuant to an act of Parliament.