Viyaveri - Maldives Accountants Directory Registration
Welcome to the VIYAVERI Directory. This is the Official directory of Accounts and auditors in the country, including accounting students.

The purpose of this directory is to provide the public with a searchable index of all practicing auditors and accountants in business. For the professional community, this serve as a common platform for networking, content sharing and leverage.  This portal enables every professional to maintain a personal listing, with a personal profile, service portfolio and contact details. Our wish is that this will serve as a useful tool for the business community who seek professional services. We request all the professionals serving in the accounting industry to be listed in this directory. The benefits of being listed goes well beyond marketing, promotion, training and CPD opportunities, as this directory will be considered as the primary contact point for all official communication.

To be listed, please fill out the REGISTRATION and include a recent photograph.  If you need any assistance, please contact us.
Note: Write the account name only for the social accounts.