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Message From Auditor General


الحمــد للــه رب العــالمــين، والصــالة والســالم على ســيدنا محمــد واله و صحبــه أجمعــين


Assalam Alaikum, wa rahmathullahi, wa barakathu


By the grace of Allah, I take this opportunity to renew my determination to continue discharging the legal mandate given to me by the state with honesty and integrity. I am immensely grateful for the trust that the President and People’s Majlis have placed in me and it has been a great source of motivation for me. It is my responsibility to maintain the reputation of the Auditor General’s Office as a model organisation that is citizen-centric, value-adding, relevant, and trusted among the stakeholders based on the strong foundations laid down by past Auditors General and in accordance with our motto ‘Auditing for the Nation and Citizens’. It is also my responsibility to give new impetus to our work to ensure timeliness in delivering our output and achieve increased progress in our efforts to carry out legal responsibilities of the Auditor General while developing the Auditor General’s Office as a professional institution and building the necessary capacity of the AGO staff.


By the grace of Allah, I shall soon be introducing changes I wish to bring to the work of the Auditor General’s Office. As part of these changes, a new strategic plan will be developed with the engagement of key stakeholders. In re-organising and re-arranging our work, priorities will be given to embracing latest trends and developments in auditing such as risk-based audits, system-based audits, data analysis and data analytics.


It is my humble request and appeal to all the members of AGO staff that they continue to maintain honesty, integrity and impartiality in performing their duties while working diligently with renewed determination to provide value and benefits of audits to citizens and strengthen public financial management. I am confident that the government and People’s Majlis will provide their fullest cooperation and support.  


May Allah bless our country with the benefits of a robust system of governance, an accountable public financial management system, a strong system of governance and a civilized society!