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Auditor General’s Office launches the first issue of Audit Bulletin

23 Jun 2020

The Auditor General’s Office launched the first issue of the monthly series Audit Bulletin. This interactive bulletin was initially intended to be an easily accessible internal resource consisting relevant information required for auditors of AGO in order to add value to the on-going audits in times of COVID-19. However, since the bulletin covers important articles and latest releases in respect of the COVID-19 situation, it will be of benefit to other Auditing and Accounting professionals, it was decided to release it to the public. In addition to this, this issue will be the beginning of this series, with monthly issues sharing the latest developments and resources from AGO.

The bulletin covers a wide range of latest information ranging from Circulars by the Government, works undertaken by the parliament, latest news reports and changes to the procedures and standards related to auditing by international organizations. It is a one stop source of information and guidance for those in accounting and auditing profession.