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Book of Condolences for the Late Mr. Ismail Fathy

Auditor General of Maldives
1993 - 2008

Recipient of the Most Honourable Order of Distinguished Rule of Izzudheen, Mr Ismail Fathy made immense contribution to the accounting education and accounting profession in the Maldives. He is rightly considered as the Father of Accounting Profession in the country. He started the first major capacity building programme at the then Maldives Audit Office under a capacity development project funded by the Asian Development Bank. Thus, Mr Fathy pioneered the first major modernization programme of public sector auditing in the Maldives. He was a teacher and a mentor to many aspiring auditors and public finance professionals. He brought a major revolution in book-keeping in public sector and was instrumental in the development of Maldives Monetary Authority, the Central Bank of Maldives.


I have so much to thank Mr. Ismail Fathy. He was my first boss my first mentor after school. He saw more in me than I thought I was capable to. I believe I am having an impact on others because someone believed in me and that was you, outside of my family. I will always be thankful to you. May Allah bless you with Jannathul Firdous and give your family Sabr in this trying time. Ameen

- Rizana Ahmed Hameed -

Late Ismail Fathy was a great contributor to the accounting and Auditing profession in the Maldives. I had the privilege to work with him for over 9 years. His initiative in the establishment of the regional Audit office is one good memory, which resulted in a boost in the auditing activities within the south region. The trust he had in his employees resulted in the creation of a lot of new leaders in the profession May Allah grant him with the highest place in Jannah and give patience to his family

- Ismail sajid -

It was a privilege to work under Mr. Ismail Fathy. He provided me with many opportunities and always guided me in the right path when I have doubts. He had a keen interest in the development of all the staff as well to improve the institution as a whole. He was a humble and a kind person who have made invaluable contribution to Accounting and Auditing profession in Maldives. It was a pleasure to work under him and to have learned from his knowledge and experience. May Allah grant him with highest place in Jannah and give patience to his family.

- Nishwa Firaq -

Mr. Fathhy was a true inspiration to me. I am glad I met him at such a critical juncture of my life when I was just beginning my career. He will be remembered fondly and with much admiration and love. May God bless you and grant you eternal paradise. Rest in Peace.

- Fareeha Shareef -