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Strategic Plan

In December 2016 the AGO developed and launched a Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2019. The Plan sets out four main goals:

(1) Strengthening the Accountability, Transparency and Integrity of Government and Public Sector Entities;
(2) Demonstrating ongoing relevance to Citizens, Parliament and other stakeholders;
(3) Becoming a Model Organisation through Leading by Example; and
(4) Developing a Professional Accountancy Organisation.

The AGO will look to ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to achieve goals and objectives stated in the Strategic Plan. Within this overall framework, the Annual Work Plan (AWP) for 2017 has been prepared and includes the AGO’s planned workload and priorities for 2017. This plan has been submitted to the Public Accounts Committee in accordance with section 14(a) of the Audit Act 2007, and in support of the AGO’s budget request for the year 2017.

This plan describes the AGO’s strategy and planned development initiatives during 2017 and the subsequent sections show the staff resources and planned outputs for each of the AGO’s Audit Departments. In using its resources, the AGO will give priority to its statutory obligations under the Audit Act 2007 to issue audit opinions on the financial statements of Ministries and other public institutions. Remaining resources will be allocated to a programme of Compliance, Special and Performance Audits and audit of a number of local councils.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Created Date: 08 Jun 2021 | Last Changed : 08 Jun 2021 | pdf

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Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Created Date: 14 Dec 2016 | Last Changed : 14 Dec 2016 | pdf

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